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Founded in Jul 2013
Updated over 1 year ago
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Transparency at WP Rocket

Inspired by great startups like Buffer, Baremetrics and Mattermark where transparency is a company culture, WP Rocket decided that they have absolutely nothing to hide, and so they started to share more about their insights, success and failures.

Growth Target

Journey to $150,000 in monthly revenue
September's Monthly Revenue


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Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Sep 2016$126,000.00+26% N/A
Aug 2016$100,000.00-23% N/A
Jul 2016$130,000.00+30% N/A
Jun 2016$100,000.00+40% (9 months)N/A
Sep 2015$71,250.00+14% N/A
Aug 2015$62,366.00-31% N/A
Jul 2015$90,192.00+129% (6 months)N/A
Jan 2015$39,373.00N/A

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