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Bucharest, Romania
Founded in Feb 2013
Updated over 1 year ago
Solo Founder

Transparency at ThemeIsle

“I believe in transparency in business”. This how Ionut Neagu, Co-Founder of ThemeIsle and Founder of CodeinWP, starts their first Transparency Report. Inspired by the transparency of Buffer, lonut and the team at ThemeIsle are sharing everything about their startup journey, while helping out the WordPress community.

Growth Target

Journey to $200,000 in monthly revenue
September's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts



Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Sep 2016$81,673.42-25% 800-22%
Aug 2016$108,288.29+1% 1,020+3%
Jul 2016$107,470.01-10% 990-13%
Jun 2016$118,998.55-2% 1,138-2%
May 2016$120,930.23+10% 1,165+8%
Apr 2016$109,975.18+4% 1,079+1%
Mar 2016$105,882.01+25% (3 months)1,066
Dec 2015$84,446.80+160% (10 months)N/A
Feb 2015$32,508.20N/A

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