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Founded in Jul 2012
Updated almost 2 years ago
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Transparency at Storemapper

Storemapper’s founder, Tyler Tringas, believes that transparency is the solution to credibility in an increasingly opaque and anonymous world. He shares the full story and real financial numbers about his Micro-SaaS business Storemapper - a startup that was completely bootstrapped, built MVP style in one day and is currently profitable with 2,000+ happy paying customers.

Growth Target

Journey to $50,000 in monthly revenue
April's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts


Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Apr 2016$18,000.00+115% (15 months)N/A
Jan 2015$8,358.00+24% (3 months)N/A
Oct 2014$6,741.00+48% (3 months)N/A
Jul 2014$4,553.00N/A

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