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Brighton, United Kingdom
Founded in Feb 2014
Updated over 1 year ago
Solo Founder

Transparency at

Dave Child, solo founder of and Cheatography is targeting financial independence for him and his family, and publishes regular income reports as a way to force himself to evaluate the hard numbers. began life as a short exercise in coding while Dave was learning PHP, and has grown from an afterthought tacked on to a blog post into a rapidly-growing and exciting business.

Growth Target

Journey to $10,000 in monthly revenue
January's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts



Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Jan 2017$8,120.98+40% 3,683+11%
Dec 2016$5,820.19-22% 3,318+8%
Nov 2016$7,446.90+6% 3,076+12%
Oct 2016$7,023.23-8% 2,753+14%
Sep 2016$7,669.00+147% 2,411+17%
Aug 2016$3,099.82-30% 2,058+7%
Jul 2016$4,431.18-12% 1,925+8%
Jun 2016$5,019.00+20% 1,787+15%
May 2016$4,184.25+43% 1,560+16%
Apr 2016$2,923.34+452% 1,340+20%
Mar 2016$530.00+47% 1,120+6%
Feb 2016$360.50-11% 1,056+5%
Jan 2016$405.001,004

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