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Stanford, United States
Founded in Jan 2014
Updated 12 months ago
Solo Founder

Transparency at Postcard Panda

Matt Sencenbaugh is an entrepeneur who enjoys building digital small businesses and tinkering with technology. Postcard Panda was founded in January 2014 after a long stint of traveling in which he felt bad for never sending his family mail. In March of 2016 he started publishing income reports due to the lack of indie iOS transparency reports.

Growth Target

Journey to $1,000 in monthly revenue
May's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts


Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
May 2017$639.68+19% N/A
Apr 2017$537.71+21% N/A
Mar 2017$442.67+97% N/A
Feb 2017$224.32+13% N/A
Jan 2017$198.93-33% N/A
Dec 2016$296.85+12% N/A
Nov 2016$264.05-14% N/A
Oct 2016$307.76-27% N/A
Sep 2016$420.71-29% N/A
Aug 2016$588.49-30% N/A
Jul 2016$836.76+45% N/A
Jun 2016$576.55+4% N/A
May 2016$556.17+116% N/A
Apr 2016$258.08+40% N/A
Mar 2016$185.00+64% N/A
Feb 2016$113.00N/A

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