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Founded in Dec 2013
Updated about 1 year ago
Solo Founder

Transparency at Launch27

Rohan Gilkes, founder and CEO of launch27, started his entrepreneurial career back in 2012 when he took an idea from nothing to start a side project, a project that turned into a real business and that some months later allowed him to quit his daily job. Since then, he has been documenting his startup journey openly and with transparency on Reddit and other websites including his popular “localcasestudy” blog.

Growth Target

Journey to $100,000 in monthly revenue
February's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts



Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Feb 2017$58,167.00+5% 689+5%
Jan 2017$55,617.00+28% (3 months)658+16% (3 months)
Oct 2016$43,595.00+6% 566+3%
Sep 2016$41,109.00+5% 548+3%
Aug 2016$39,059.00+8% 531+5%
Jul 2016$36,313.00+6% 505+3%
Jun 2016$34,197.00+89% (6 months)492+48% (6 months)
Dec 2015$18,083.00+29% (6 months)333+23% (6 months)
Jun 2015$13,994.00+95% (6 months)271+87% (6 months)
Dec 2014$7,161.00+78% (6 months)145+104% (6 months)
Jun 2014$4,020.00+133% (5 months)71+173% (5 months)
Jan 2014$1,729.0026

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