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Leicester, United Kingdom
Founded in Jul 2014
Updated about 1 year ago
Multiple Founders

Transparency at HeyUpdate

Maria Graham and Tom Graham created HeyUpdate to solve their problem with progress tracking. They soon saw the value and decided to launch the product and help other teams keep in sync. Inspired by the transparency and journeys of Baremetrics, Buffer and ConvertKit they decided to join the Open Startups movement.

Growth Target

Journey to £1,000 in monthly revenue
February's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts



Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Feb 2017£569.000% 6-14%
Jan 2017£567.00-33% (3 months)7-50% (3 months)
Oct 2016£850.00+14% 140%
Sep 2016£743.00-10% 14-18%
Aug 2016£822.00+35% (8 months)17+6% (8 months)
Dec 2015£611.0016
Dec 2014£0.000

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