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Beautifully simple help desk Software for small businesses

Remote, Anywhere
Founded in Apr 2011
Raised Funding
Updated over 1 year ago
Solo Founder

Transparency at Groove

Groove was the first company to have a goal to hit as they shared their journey to $100k. They are also operating 100% as a remote team.

Growth Target

Journey to $500,000 in monthly revenue
September's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts


Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Sep 2016$438,795.00+5% N/A
Aug 2016$416,715.00+5% N/A
Jul 2016$395,010.00+8% N/A
Jun 2016$365,760.00+52% (6 months)N/A
Dec 2015$240,990.00+49% (6 months)N/A
Jun 2015$161,550.00+52% (6 months)N/A
Dec 2014$106,131.00+54% (6 months)N/A
Jun 2014$68,841.00+82% (6 months)N/A
Dec 2013$37,800.00+25% (3 months)N/A
Sep 2013$30,155.00N/A

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