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Founded in Apr 2013
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Transparency at Ghost

The people at Ghost are really excited about building a company with integrity that’s completely open about what it does and why. Inspired by their friends at Buffer they’re taking a leaf out of their book in several ways. Ghost is Open Source and a not-for-profit organisation. They’ve realised the larger umbrella that embodies all of these elements that ties them all together is quite simple: Transparency.

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Journey to $100,000 in monthly revenue
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Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Feb 2017$54,074.00+7% 3,594+4%
Jan 2017$50,746.00+1% (9 months)3,468-26% (9 months)
Apr 2016$50,038.00+20% (9 months)4,705+14% (9 months)
Jul 2015$41,714.00+22% (4 months)4,139+10% (4 months)
Mar 2015$34,252.00+17% (3 months)3,764+2% (3 months)
Dec 2014$29,177.003,675

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