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Daily interviews with inspiring Entrepreneurs by John Lee Dumas

San Diego, United States
Founded in Sep 2012
Updated about 1 year ago
Solo Founder

Transparency at EOFire

John Lee Dumas is the founder & host of EOFire (Entrepreneur On Fire), an award winning Podcast where he interviews today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week! Since September of 2013, the team at EOFire have been publishing their Monthly Income Report to share what they’ve been working on and what their income and expenses looked like for that month.

Growth Target

Journey to $300,000 in monthly revenue
February's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts


Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Feb 2017$247,651.00+36% N/A
Jan 2017$182,662.00+13% (4 months)N/A
Sep 2016$162,247.00-17% N/A
Aug 2016$196,324.00+18% N/A
Jul 2016$166,721.00-29% (7 months)N/A
Dec 2015$233,708.00-22% (12 months)N/A
Dec 2014$298,146.00+158% (12 months)N/A
Dec 2013$115,663.55+125% (3 months)N/A
Sep 2013$51,301.86N/A

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