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Founded in Mar 2013
Updated over 1 year ago
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Transparency at Empire Flippers

Around 2013 Joe and Justin Cooke, Empire Flippers’ founders, began seeing more companies and businesses picking up on the transparent business model, most notably Buffer, Groove and Baremetrics. So they decided to run their company very differently as they used to do several years ago. After making the swap to a more transparent business model, they have significantly expanded their horizons, and are now getting opportunities that we never thought possible.

Growth Target

Journey to $200,000 in monthly revenue
June's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts


Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Jun 2016$132,450.97+149% N/A
May 2016$53,123.38-66% N/A
Apr 2016$154,445.04-4% N/A
Mar 2016$160,278.86+174% N/A
Feb 2016$58,425.10-18% N/A
Jan 2016$70,967.74+47% N/A
Dec 2015$48,232.12-45% (6 months)N/A
Jun 2015$87,539.87+136% (5 months)N/A
Jan 2015$37,043.55N/A

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