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Bristol, United Kingdom
Founded in Aug 2013
Updated about 1 year ago
Solo Founder

Transparency at Doorbell

Phil is a full stack developer who started building in 2013 in his spare time (evenings and weekends). The reason for starting it was mostly to be a playground to tinker with new technologies, but it turned out that people like it and started using it. Once it started having a bit of revenue, Phil decided to make it a transparent company, mostly feeling inspired from companies like Buffer and Baremetrics!

Growth Target

Journey to $5,000 in monthly revenue
March's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts



Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Mar 2017$2,168.00+8% 116+5%
Feb 2017$1,999.00+10% 111+7%
Jan 2017$1,816.00+20% 104+11%
Dec 2016$1,518.00+10% 94+11%
Nov 2016$1,382.00+9% 85+9%
Oct 2016$1,264.00+6% 78+4%
Sep 2016$1,187.00+6% 75+12%
Aug 2016$1,123.00+146% (7 months)67+109% (7 months)
Jan 2016$456.00+3700% (12 months)32+967% (12 months)
Jan 2015$12.003
Jan 2014$0.000

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