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Founded in Jun 2016
Updated about 1 year ago
Multiple Founders

Transparency at CustomFilterz

Jason Slater and Linas Vildziunas founded CustomFilterz after hearing the news that Snapchat were releasing on-demand Geofilters. They immediately saw the benefit that they could have for businesses and later how they would be a great addition to private events too. Inspired by startups like Empire Flippers, they started recording their startup journey to share their revenue progress, failures, successes and lessons learned along the way. They are blogging about the whole journey in the monthly updates on their blog series, “journey to $10,000 revenue per month”.

Growth Target

Journey to $25,000 in monthly revenue
April's Monthly Revenue


Financial Charts


Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Apr 2017$10,948.00+44% N/A
Mar 2017$7,580.00+15% N/A
Feb 2017$6,594.00+81% N/A
Jan 2017$3,637.00-44% N/A
Dec 2016$6,542.00+194% N/A
Nov 2016$2,225.00+7% N/A
Oct 2016$2,086.00+43% N/A
Sep 2016$1,460.00-13% N/A
Aug 2016$1,680.00+18% N/A
Jul 2016$1,425.00+111% N/A
Jun 2016$675.00N/A

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