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Founded in Feb 2013
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Transparency at ConvertKit

Nathan Barry, Founder of ConvertKit, is a strong believer in financial transparency. At ConvertKit, they already teach everything they know with massive transparency. Their monthly revenue reports are designed to teach and inspire action with their readers. They are aimed at showing you the truth behind running a successful business and also gaining your trust and building your confidence to join them on this email marketing journey.

Growth Target

Journey to $1,000,000 in monthly revenue
February's Monthly Revenue


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Income Reports

MonthMonthly RevenuePaying Customers
Feb 2017$591,075.00+7% 12,091+5%
Jan 2017$552,999.00+34% (4 months)11,480+37% (4 months)
Sep 2016$412,000.00+9% 8,364+7%
Aug 2016$377,000.00+8% 7,830+8%
Jul 2016$349,000.00+738% (9 months)7,259+897% (9 months)
Oct 2015$41,632.00+181% (3 months)728+304% (3 months)
Jul 2015$14,799.00+112% (3 months)180+49% (3 months)
Apr 2015$6,989.00121

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